No artist currently signed under REM as the label is currently scouting for some few talented unsigned artists, the record label is looking at signing a few unsigned artist on a starting three years record contract deal worth $2 million (two million dollars).

With a great vision of producing the next big stars the record label (REM) is willing to support all artists signed under the management in achieving their dreams.

ROCK EMPIRE MUSIC is not in a hurry in getting the kind artist we need because when it comes to making good music we really got high taste “says wale . The record label have been working so hard in putting the right team together to achieve it purpose and have also spent almost $600,000 in achieving this.

We need an artist who is marketable and musically oriented either in rapping or singing because the music business is getting better and Serious everyday “says wale. In terms of distribution REM has some high profile distribution mogul to work with the team, making sure our artist are network properly globally. We have been trying to connect with as many artist as possible on social media to see if they got what we need in an artist,

Why social media ? over the years the power of social media in the music industry is not to be underestimated even for a known artist or underground artist as this social media platforms has help a lot when it comes to building fan base and networking your music as an underground artist,

There are many unsigned underground artists all over social media trying to plug with a good label and that’s why social media is one place we want to capitalize our search on.

All artists displayed on this page are high performant artists currently trending in various records labels and are not signed to ROCK EMPIRE MUSIC


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